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Give Lingerie Bags As Bridal Shower Gifts

There are certain occasions where you need to purchase a gift for someone and you are not sure what you should get them. There are times when you are concerned that the gift that you have in mind is something that someone else will purchase for the recipient. When you are looking for a unique gift that you can purchase for someone who will be getting married soon, you will find that lingerie bags are a great pick. When you need to find a bridal shower gift for someone, you can give them a special present by purchasing lingerie bags for them.

Choose Lingerie Bags for a Bridal Shower to Give the Bride Something She Needs:

You would like to give a gift that will actually be used, but you would like for that gift to be something that is fun and different, too. You will find that purchasing a lingerie bag for the bride-to-be is a great option when you are looking for something that is fun but will be used. When you are looking for a gift that the recipient will put to use time and time again, you will find that lingerie bags are a great option. Lingerie bags make for a gift that is affordable and a gift that will be well loved. Lingerie bags are something that you can give to a bride-to-be that will make her excited for all that is to come.


There are different gifts that you can pick up for a person for different occasions, and there are not a lot of occasions where you will choose to give lingerie bags as gifts like wool dryer balls. When you are shopping for gifts for someone who is about to be married, you will find that lingerie bags make for a great gift option and that they will be appreciated.

The Bahamas

Pig Island In The Bahamas

Holiday makers looking for an interesting and fun place to visit on a holiday to the Bahamas will almost certainly want to see the island affectionately known as “Pigs Island” or “Pig Beach Holidays“. Big Major Cay is an uninhabited island which is the official home of the swimming pigs, and visitors come frequently to this tropical hideaway to swim with the pigs who can be found basking on the beaches here.

While snorkeling, scuba diving and turtle spotting have long been popular activities for tourists in the Bahamas, pig swimming has only recently emerged as an engaging pastime. However since this adorable family of pigs have found fame in the media, splashing about in the water with them has rapidly risen to the top of many holidaymakers’ must-do lists.

These friendly pigs live on the island’s sandy beaches and enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the sea as well as gratefully accepting treats from the tourists and passing yacht crews that come to visit them. Not only have these pigs become a well known tourist attraction, but they have even inspired “The Secret of Pig’s Island”, a children’s novel by Jennifer R. Nolan, as well as becoming the focus of a song by Sandra Boynton.

How the pigs came to be on the island is a mystery, as the island has no inhabitants and they are not a native species. Some say that the pigs arrived here after a group of sailors dropped them off, intending to return to cook them, while others say that the pigs swam here following a nearby shipwreck. However, whatever their origins, today there are around 20 pigs and piglets living on Big Major Cay surviving happily on the bounty of visiting tourists.Pig Island in the Bahamas

It is possible for visitors to book a visit to the island through a number of tour vendors so that they can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming with and interacting with these lovely and friendly creatures. With thousands of visitors already having visited Pig Island, thousands more will no doubt swim these waters in the years to come as the fascination with these swimming pigs shows no sign of abating, and swimming with them is fast becoming a key Bahamian experience.